Where are the other UMPCs?

, posted: 10-Apr-2006 21:56

In a weird quirke, it seems that in spite of Asus and Samsung being the key partners for the Microsoft announcement of the UMPC, it seems that TabletKiosk have stolen the limelight somewhat with the EO.

If you search the net, you'll sse lots of people talking about the EO, but not many people at all talking about the Samsung and even less talking about the Asus or Founder.

TabletKiosk have done a great job of getting units in front of people quickly.  They were the first to offer pre-orders, the first to offer pre-production units for test/review and the first to release a manual on the internet (although the FCC "leaked" the Samsung one first).

They are also cheaper than the Samsung, which makes them more attractive from a purchasing perspective too.

I wonder if they'll be able to keep this mind share going once the dust settles and the devices start hitting the market...

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Comment by Frank J., on 11-Apr-2006 00:32

A few days ago I posted a poll about who has a better marketing campaign and TabletKiosk is the winner so far. http://ultramobilepc-tips.blogspot.com/2006/04/day-19-who-has-better-marketing.html#links

Comment by Kimberly, on 11-Apr-2006 01:41

Hello Daryl, I'm not sure word of mouth (or in this case online saturation) suggests the TabletKiosk EO is more widely discussed online. If you search Google for both "Samsung Q1" and "TabletKiosk eo" you will see that the former has more than four times the number of results than its rival. With that being stated I still have a difficult time justifying the steep tag that Samsung's UMPC requires. Best wishes, Kimmy

Author's note by darrylb, on 11-Apr-2006 05:28

Thanks for the poll Frank. Kimmy, my comment was generated not from link counting but from assessing what people were talking about in the conversations in the online communities.

Comment by dan, on 11-Apr-2006 15:59

I have pre-ordered an eo from tabletkiosk. their service is amazing. Assuming the device is as great as it appears this is the company to deal with.

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