Why I cancelled my Eo order

, posted: 21-May-2006 16:30

I made a decision a week or two ago to cancel my order for an EO. Heres why...

1. Production delays. Part of the idea of being an early adopter is to be an early adopter - when this doesn't happen (and it didnt for me due to the engineering problems), the value is lost somewhat.
2. Power issues. The EO has been badly affected by extremely poor battery life. I can handle a 2.5 hour battery life, but 1.5 hour is just not good enough - particularly when you've been promised 3 hours.
3. Crazy disk partitioning schemes out of the box.  I dont want to have to rebuild my Eo the moment I get it because some idiot has decided that multiple partitions is what I want (I hate multiple partitions by the way).

Those are the two primary reason - and the fact that number 1 happened means that I could figure out number 2 and take precautions against getting hit by it - so its a mixed blessing really.

So - where to now? I'm currently contemplating what I'm going to do now. My current thinking is to get the slightly more expensive Samsung Q1. My thinking is

1. It actually delivers the battery life promised
2. External VGA output
3. Well known brand name with a reasonable reputation

The problems with this of course is that they are not available in New Zealand, so I'll have to get one delivered in the US and sent to me here.  This also means I'll have to get a NZ/Australian power adapter for it, which will take a little bit of research.

Anyway, I've got my money still, so I'm in the market :-).  In the mean time I'll have to make do with the M400.

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Comment by Bjorn Stromberg, on 29-May-2006 15:48

Might I suggest waiting until after Computex before deciding on a UMPC? It's just a week away (starts June 6th) and there's going to be quite a few announcements for the Ultra Mobile PC platform.

Author's note by darrylb, on 29-May-2006 18:27

God call. I might just do that. Thanks

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