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, posted: 11-Mar-2006 14:46

I've been looking at the UMPC. I've watched the Channel 9 Video, and had a look at the intel platform page.
The short story is I am going to get one of these. I've got a trip to the US in July, so if I cant get one beforehand, I'll get one then. I've been thinking about getting a Tablet PC for home for ages, and this would fit the bll perfectly and should be cheaper.
One thing I've noticed in the platform is that there is lots of talk about communications, mostly via instant messaging and VOIP. If this is really connected as much as the vision determines it will be, then as these devices are widely adopted, communications may actually change considerably.
Today we communicate largely via phone for 1:1 discussion, increasingly we are using instant messaging, and increasingly instant messaging clients have VOIP clients built in, so a device like this that can accompany us anywhere and stay connected means that we will have more access to each other using IM and VOIP and even video calls. So this could change the way we communicate, which will again mean that mobile operators will need to change to stay in business.
Of course this will take time...
I think this would be great for running many of the apps that I have on my home PC that I'd like to take with me. I'm looking forward to seeing them on the market.

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