My Secret is out - here are my thoughts

, posted: 26-Jul-2006 20:24

Mauricio "leaked" my secret a few days ago - I got an Eo.

So far I love it!

When I cancelled my initial Eo order I had a think about what I wanted to do with it and came up with two primarly scenarios.

Firstly, I've taken to taking lots of notes when I go to meetings, and as wonderful as paper is, I really love OneNote - so much so that it's my favourite Microsoft Application.  Here's why (in a nutshell):
  • Handwrite your notes on a Tablet PC or type them on any PC
  • You can search your handwritten notes
  • You can convert you handwriting to text
  • You can take screen captures without having to load new software
  • You can record audio while taking notes and then playback the audio from the point where you took any particular note (very cool).
  • You can store pretty much anything in it
  • Its file based and works well with Foldershare

So - the Eo for taking notes is great.  My only complaint in this area is that the battery doesn't last all day, and in a device with this form factor I would use it all day if I could.  I do get 2.5 hours out of it under normal use (with the screen backlight turned down a bit), and the extended battery will help too, but going from a Pocket PC you just get used to long batteries - and the scenarios for a UMPC are different than a Laptop or Tablet due to their size.

The other key scenario for me is e-books.  I spend lots of time preparing to lead a Bible Study, and Logos on a UMPC is awesome.  Now I have over 300 books available with me wherever I go.  Very cool and a great time saver.

Also, I got a nice little geek bag for it which means it doesn't even look like I'm carrying a tech toy - which is great - and even drew comments from one of the managers in the Mobile and Embedded Division (nice swag...).

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Comment by chiefie, on 26-Jul-2006 20:52

Daryl, it doesn't have PCMCIA slot, does it?

Comment by ctitanic, on 27-Jul-2006 06:26

Welcome to the Dark Site!

Comment by tonyhughes, on 27-Jul-2006 11:19

you foldershare link is broken. a quirk on geekzone blogs is that if you dont enter the http:// portion of a URL, it takes your URL and tacks it on to

Author's note by darrylb, on 27-Jul-2006 11:43

@Tony - fixed - thanks.

@CTitanic - Yeah... thanks. I guess that makes me double dark...

@Chefie - no - no PCMCIA, no Network port, no SD Card. It does have two USB Ports though. I dont have a problem with this. The network one is more of an issue, but again, not a big deal.

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