Tag - I'm it (or at least one of them)

, posted: 1-Jan-2007 15:54

Craig tagged me a few days ago - but I've been cleansed away from computers (man that feels good) and missed it - but I found it in my ego feed (see the end of Craigs post)

So for what its worth - here are five things you didn't know about me.

1) I used to be into Tae Kwon Do - and was training for the 1992 Olympics where is was going to be a demonstration sport. This was all interrupted by #2

2) I'm a Christian - not born into a Christian home, but I became a Christian when I was 17 - changing my ideas of what I should do with my life (see #1). If you know me you probably know this, but lots of people dont know it.

3) I didn't go to University - instead I spent five years working in a Freezing works as a Meat Inspector. I also think that university can sometimes be overrated

4) Two weeks after I met my wife I decided she was the one for me (I was 18). Consequentially we married young (20 and 21) and are still together.

5) When I was at school I was the quiet shy guy who did pretty average in school and got picked on by my peers.

Who to tag... Lets do a circuit of the .Net Bloggers in NZ.

Peter Jones - who probably thinks this is silly and childish and may refuse to participate.

Jeremy Boyd - MS Regional Director and all round nice guy

Chris Auld - MS Regional Director and proud owner of red shoes

Ivan Porto Carrero - NZ web dev guru

.Net User Group Blogger of the year JD should also be included...

Lets see if any of them read my blog

Blogging on Geekzone - four differentiators

, posted: 29-Nov-2006 07:53

I've been blogging for a few years now.  I started on my own site at www.burling.co.nz, then I started at Microsoft and got a MSDN blog, Not long after that I also got a Space, and since then I've had a little experience with blogger too. 

If you think I have too many blogs... you are probably right.  I do pull them all into one RSS feed on www.burling.co.nz Smile

But there is something unique about blogging on Geekzone that I've been thinking about blogging on for a while.

I've harped about this before, but I dont know of many (if any) blogs that allow you to monetise them as easily as geekzone blogs.  Very nice.

Because Geekzone is well ranked on the various search engines and because Mauricio does a very good job of understanding search and net rankings this means that when ever I post on a subject it gets good readership.  Promoting the latest blog entries on the front page makes a big difference too.  The end result of this is that generally you'll get one to two hundred reads within 24 hours.  And this is on a blog with very low readership.

The geekzone community plugs into the blogging engine really nicely.  Even on my MSDN blog, I'm often lucky if I get one or two comments over a week.  On Geekzone, I consistently get several comments within a couple of hours of posting.

The comment management system is unique too.  If a user posts a comment it require confirmation.  An email confirmation gets sent to them - they have to click the link to confirm the comment.  If they dont confirm their comment it automatically gets deleted after 3 days.  I dont even have to worry about it.  And no comment gets posted without my approval.

I still think there are a couple of things that would be nice to have... referral information would be nice :-)

But I'm here to stay - this is a cool place to blog Smile

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