What rich text control for ASP.Net 2.0?

, posted: 12-Feb-2007 21:03

I have a need for a rich text edit control for ASP.Net 2.0.  I've had a quick look around and found that there are a few out there ranging from aweful to very good.

I need a control that will allow the user to do the basics: bold, italic, underline, strikeout, indenting, bullet points, images, hyperlinks, copy and paste change font and colors and thats about it.  Nice to haves would be undo/redo, smilies, preview and paragraph alignment.

There are some really good controls out there (such as this one from Telerik), but the good ones cost money - serious money.  The telerik control is US$395!  I've got two websites I want to use the control in - initially just once on each site, and US$395 seems a little over the top - particularly given neither of these stiesa are businesses which will give a ROI.  It makes the US$795 control kit (with 18 controls in it) look really attractive.

So what do other peolpe do?  Do you fork out or make do with second rate stuff?  Is there a good and reasonably priced control out there that I can get hold of that anyone knows about?

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