Square screen smartphones coming soon?

, posted: 10-Mar-2006 10:53

The world continues to get more interesting and the Windows Mobile world continues to evolve and more form factors come out. This morning I opened my mail and read in the latest Handango developer newsletter that developers ought to get ready for square screen Smartphones as they will be released this year. Smartphones with landscape screens have been announced (such as the Motorola Q and Samsung i320). Pocket PC's with square screens have been around for a while - and I personally dont find these compelling, however, I'm interested to see how it works on Smartphones. If you are a developer and you are using .Net CF - my advice is to use .Net CF v2 - this allows you take advantage of Docking and Anchoring, which prevents you having to write lots of code to handle screen resolutions. More on this in a later post.

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