My Cellphone thinks it's a PC!!

, posted: 1-Aug-2007 08:33

Who would have thought cellphones would get to the point of PCs and 'need a rebuild'. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but that was what it effectively came down to yesterday.

After having some audio problems on my K-Jam I sought out the help of the GeekZone forums, and Mauricio came to the rescue telling me a hard rest was probably in order.

Incidentally at the same time I posted a support message on the I-Mate Site, they responded about 8 hours later telling me the same thing.....but I digress.

I found out (again courtesy of Mauricio) what a hard reset is. It means the wiping of the system and restoration of the OS from some system CAB files sitting in the phone.

To do such a task requires that you have any information backed up.

A little background information then....

My company provides the facility to connect WM5 devices to out corporate exchange server, and so all my contacts for the phone are stored in a special Contacts folder on there. All my appointments are also stored on the server.

On my work PC I run ActiveSync and tell that to sync my Outlook notes, a mobile favourites folder and a files folder. Whew. So all of that will be what about the programs.

I didn’t run too many;
  • SPB Phone Suite to give Windows Mobile, Nokia like profiles (I call them that cos I've only ever owned Nokias before this), and does a few other phone related tasks. Quite handy ()
  • SPB Time - I had the option when buying the above to get this one cheap, so bought it. One thing I missed when I swapped from a Nokia 6230 to this was the countdown timer, to time my boiled eggs!! And Spb Time has a nice big analogue clock screen saver.
  • PocketPlayer with the uPNP and Audioscrobbler plugins.
  • Contacts plugin – Allows you to save your contacts in the First Last order rather than Last, First – don’t ask me why but I prefer to see people in first name order. There are a few of these around, but I don't know why this functionality wasn't in WM5 to start with.
  • Microsoft Reader - for e-Books, I've taken to reading e-books on the train on the way to work
  • Couple of little programs I wrote for doing simple things in the registry.
So I found some instructions for the hard reset (oh and when I-Mate responded, they included them).

Hold down the voice command button, the Comm manager button, and push a pen or some such item into the reset button hole. Keep it there for about 2 - 4 seconds.

Well I did that and was confronted with a screen:

Press SEND to continue.

So the phone came back (took a while) and I'm faced with a Vodafone logo. At this point it sinks in what I've done....this phone has gone back to the state of when I bought it, scary!!.

Well, the first thing is set up some of the owner information, change the colours, and then the main one, and get my active sync working back to my PC.

Ok, so I have some people in my phone now, and all my files are back in. It feels like a phone again.

Next is reinstalling and configuring all the programs from above.

Then off to the Vodafone device setup page for my MMS settings and GPRS settings. Quite handy and seems to have a good range of phone there. Sends you the settings as a text message, much easier than putting them in manually.

Now my IMAP email settings.

Finally when I get home, my wireless settings.

Now it’s all going again. Couple of little gotchas:

  • Storage card. I had mine out for the hard reset - just didn't want to take the chance that it got deleted as well. Didn't seem to want to pick that up. Had to turn it off (Hold down power button until is says you may loose date, put the card back in a start it up. Seemed to show up then.
  • Remembering some of your little tweaks can be interesting, what wallpaper you had, what sounds you had.
  • I missed backing up the main sound I had for a ring tone (a lower bit rate version of Above & Beyond’s “Good Enough”) – since this was in the windows folder somewhere rather than with the other ringtones in the My Documents folder.
So other than these little missed bits my phone seems to be quite happy and I’ll keep an eye on it to see how stable it is.

So that’s my first post, I found that the train ride from Lower Hutt to Wellington is almost too short to write this out, but makes for a good use of my time….so if you’re on the Wellington trains and sees some guy furiously typing into his phone for the whole ride it could be me…

till next time……..

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