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, posted: 3-Aug-2007 08:19

I've been catching the trains into Wellington from "The Hutt" for 10 years now and there are a couple of things I've noticed.

About every 10th person has some sort of music device. And I've noticed that there are some different groups of people....

iPod club - with their distinct white headphones, this is the most common group, well done to Apple;
Headphone envy - "look at me I have a huge pair of headphones" - is this what they're saying?
Control Freaks - Carrying their device in their hands, for the ultimate level of playlist control
The boppers - those who are quietly dancing or singing as they walk down the street
Old schoolers - with a disc man/walkman or other such Pre MP3 technology - when was the last time you saw someone with a MiniDisc player?

Some of the new groups starting to come out now:
PssssP - guys with their PSPs - are they listening to music, or have they got music videos on there.
BFF (best friends forever) - normally a pair of young girls, or a couple walking along with a pair of ear buds split between them
Cellphoners - these are starting to be more common - I'm in this group and I'm surprised it took so long. To me it was obvious cellphone + music = perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I think its great, as long as these people all wearing some sort of headphones pay attention to the world around them - just because you're in your own little world, doesn't mean a car or bus thinks that!!

And finally, be considerate, if you like Cannibal Corpse at 70 dB, doesn't mean the person sitting next to you on the train does.

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Been thinking it would be nice to have a blog but not sure if I have enough to say.

I'm an I.T worker from Wellington New Zealand.

I like my toys so this will probably have posts about my dealings with those.

My Cellphone is an iPhone 5s

I run a NextPVR based PVR at home to replace my video recorder, DVD player and to host all my music. I'm also really big on Plex, for centralising all my music, videos and I've written a plugin or two for it for accessing live TV and for storing recordings with metadata.

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