What's ur fav song?

, posted: 24-Aug-2007 11:22

Who knows, I mean I could name a couple over the years.

Guns 'n Roses -Estranged
Evanescence - Good Enough

But after a while they all blur into one, or you try to keep up with the radio, and your new favourite is whatever they happen to be playing over and over and over.

So wouldn't be nice to keep track of what you listen to and see who comes out on top, and which album, and which track.

Well you can. Last.Fm is a site where you listening tastes are uploaded and it does all the tracking for you. Scrobbling is the name of the process where the current song you are listening to is uploaded to the last.fm site.

I've found now that I've been using for a while that it can change your listening style.

I'm one of these people, that apart from the two hours after buying an album, I never listen to it in its entirety ever again. 95% of what I listen is up to the random number god inside my computer and phone (yes it scrobbles too!).

So with a combined music collection like I have (yes my Wife's stuff is on there as well) you don't always listen to what you expect, or what you want to. So you skip it.

A track is only scrobbled if you make it halfway through, or after 4 minutes, whatever comes first.

So you see, by skipping the unwanted it very quickly builds up a profile of what, and who you've been listening to.

Then once it has some data, the social aspect comes in to play and they start recommending other people that listen to similar music to you. Or you can join you friends and see how compatible your music tastes are.

All in all its quite a good site for information on tracks, artist, your tastes, gig guides and its a bit of fun that does have too much overhead.

And its great to know how much Britney Spears you actually listen to, or should I say embarrassing?

If you're cruising around on last.fm, look me up, http://www.last.fm/user/psycik Or better yet sign up and post a message in my shoutbox.

And now that Lugh has just created a geekzone presence there - http://www.geekzone.co.nz/lugh/3629, there's even more reason to sign up.

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I run a NextPVR based PVR at home to replace my video recorder, DVD player and to host all my music. I'm also really big on Plex, for centralising all my music, videos and I've written a plugin or two for it for accessing live TV and for storing recordings with metadata.

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