Do a little (train) dance

, posted: 22-Jul-2008 08:13

As I've blogged about before, I've been using the Wellngton public train system for a number of years.

But recently due to the closure of my regular stop I've been getting on from a bigger station.

Its funny to watch how other people wait for the train.

Everyone stands where they think the door to "their carriage" will stop.  The funniest ones are the people that are toeing the line.  These are normally the ones that want to be on first (and since space is at a premium at the moment, the ones who generally get a seat).  Every 30 seconds or so this lot is bending out over the tracks looking for the train - why? Is it going to come faster the more you bend? Is there a law written in the space-time continuum that the " the further you bend outwards the faster said waiting object will accelerate  Is there that much mental preparation required that you have to know exactly when it comes? Or are you just impatient?

I watched thing one woman this morning who made a little dance out of it, a little side shuffle train glance.

So these are the people at the "Please wait behind the line".  Others prefer to sit and relax on the chairs - when they see someone at the line making a check for the train, they feel they must get up and look themselves before sighing and returning to their seat.

I quoted "Their carriage" - this is because most long term commuters if they catch a regular timed service will have a carriage, door and a favourite seat, and wo and behold someone sitting in THEIR SEAT.  You can't do anything, you can't say anything, but silently glare at the infiltrator, wishing they would leave - I mean its not like you bought it or anything.


Ahhhh, us humans are a funny lot.

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Comment by tchart, on 22-Jul-2008 08:40

Not sure where you get the train from but there are never seats available on the train I catch.

You forgot to mention the part when everybody attempts to remain close to the door which blocks everone else from getting on.

On my afternoon train there is this sour "cow" (I could think of a better word) who always gets there as the doors close and expects people to jump out of their seats for her. She stands there giving you a "death stare" until you offer your seat. The kicker is that she is never grateful about it so I go out of my way to not give her my seat.

Author's note by psycik, on 22-Jul-2008 09:03

And don't get me started on the people who, if you've been standing, they have been sitting, but they still think that they should be entitled to leave the train first!!  Just Rude!!

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