Return of the Mammoth - could we? Should We??

, posted: 22-Nov-2008 18:37

Saw this on the news and then found the link:

As per Jurassic park where the Dinosaurs are resurrected from "stored DNA" - they say they may be able to bring back the Mammoth from hair balls.

If you're not familiar with the movie Jurassic park, prehistoric mosecuitos found in fossilised sap have blood extracted out of them, and hey presto you have the DNA of dinosaurs, mix that with the DNA of frogs, and you can create a park with living dinosaurs.

While the scientists at the time said there was no possibility of doing this, recently, using hair balls found around the Wooly Mammoths lifted from the ice, scientist have said that this may be possible.

So in 10 years could we be seeing wooly mammoths walking the Earth again??

The questions is though, should we do this.  Should we bring back annimals that for whatever reason, failed to stay alive during their own time, should we bring back the dinosaurs? Should we bring back the mammoths??

I think not.  These animals had their time, and for whatever reasons didn't survive.

But on the other hand, if though lack of education, malice or mis-management, humans kill off a species, then I think we should try to bring that species back.  Since it was not killed off by natural means but by the hand of man.

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Comment by tom, on 23-Nov-2008 00:01

Bring back the Dodo, and other animals extinct by man through stupidity and greed.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 24-Nov-2008 10:44

The hand of man is natural. Anything we choose to do is still natural selection. Its just that we know what is right and what is wrong (from our own perspective at least).

Evolution and natural selection FTW.

Comment by kinsten, on 24-Nov-2008 11:12

What about our beloved & stupid Moa?  Can we start in NZ.  Can see it now.
"Look out mom, there's a Moa on the road!"
*screeeech, donk*
"Guess we better report this one as well"

(scenario where family hits another resurected Moa that ran onto the road)

Comment by callum wall, on 7-Jul-2009 22:03

i think we really should birng back the mammoth it could lead to all sorts of new things the mammoth eggcell/foetus could be planted in a female elephant (asian elephant as they are closely related) and sort of an IVF treatment from there the only problem I can see is either transporting them to cold/icy conditions when they are young they will not know how to survive 1 idea is to have the 1st male and 1st femle mammoths nurtured by man then let nature do the rest if you know wot i mean ;)

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