Got a new phone...

, posted: 28-Jan-2009 08:50

Hello, it's been a little while since I last posted

Bought myself a Nokia 6210 Navigator.  Replacing the K-Jam.

Advatanges - much smaller, and lighter.  Has A2DP Bluetooth profile for Bluetooth stereo.  And has GPS, my new favourite toy.

I signed up to Nokia Sports Tracker, it's a program that you run on your S60 based Nokia phone, and with the gps it keeps track of where you are, great for on the bike.

Then once you've completed your workout, or drive, or walk, you upload it to the website and it overlays the course with Google Maps.  You can also export gpx, kml files for use in other apps.

Also on this phone I have MobiReader for reading eBooks, Mobbler for scrobbling, mIRGGI for IRC (so I can Geekzone Chat), and Google Maps for S60.

So expect my next blogs to be about GPS toys/sites/services that interest me.

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Comment by nate, on 28-Jan-2009 13:59

How have you found moving from a full qwerty keyboard to a smaller one?

I think you are the last of the group to get rid of their K-Jam...

Author's note by psycik, on 28-Jan-2009 15:03

No problems, and loving the fact that it fits easily  in the pocket again.

Although I'm not writing blog documents on my cellphone any more which is something I used to do with the kjam.

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davidcole Cole
Lower Hutt
New Zealand

Been thinking it would be nice to have a blog but not sure if I have enough to say.

I'm an I.T worker from Wellington New Zealand.

I like my toys so this will probably have posts about my dealings with those.

My Cellphone is an iPhone 5s

I run a NextPVR based PVR at home to replace my video recorder, DVD player and to host all my music. I'm also really big on Plex, for centralising all my music, videos and I've written a plugin or two for it for accessing live TV and for storing recordings with metadata.

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