The ongoing Epuni Train Station saga

, posted: 14-Apr-2009 08:49

So if you look at previous blogs (Train Station) you've seen me blogging about the train station I go to. We've had a train station in various states of disrepair since May 2008 when the roof was removed.  I understand the reasons for it's removal, it was all to do with asbestos discovery and I did have it explained to me why it had taken so long to get a new roof put back on.

About 3 weeks ago a new plastic roof was put on. It wasn't perfect but everyone was relatively protected.  So imagine my surprise when I read that over Easter they intended to demolish the station and put up to temporary 3m shelters.  Later on putting up a 5m shelter

Now I only get on the one train each morning, the 7:11. There are regularly 20 to 25 people waiting for this train.  Where are they going to stand when its raining? 20 people will not fit under these tiny plastic shelters. Do these people have no concept?

The old station was about 12m long with a 3m overhang, that added a nice big roof that was able to accomodate everyone.  These 3m shelters are a joke, and even the 5m one is not going to provide too much shelter in a howling Wellington southerly.

To put it in perspective one side of the old station was about 12m x 3m. These new shelters are 3m x 1m

God help us the first time it rains. 

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Comment by T Metro, on 14-Apr-2009 10:33

Neither GWRC nor Tranz Metro would get away with dog-arse facilities like that for their staff rooms, OSH would have a field day. Yet it is okay for the paying customer to freeze to death in those cheap, trashy little bus shelters they call excuses for railway stations. Typical rail and double standards, either that it is too hard to do for their non-brainer civil engineers who'd only want to gold plate it anyway. I don't know why they just don't get on with it, and close the station, remove the platform and tell train users to take their cars to town. That's about what it amounts to. Stick it to them mate.

Comment by brentbart, on 14-Apr-2009 12:38

Same with the bus "shelters" in Wgtn. Remove the old 3 sided wooden ones that worked, replace with a 2 sided 'new' one thats roof is about 2 and a half metres tall. Perfect on a sunny day as it provides no shade at all so you can tan, but when it rains you might as well be standing outside unless the rain comes down perfectly straight ...

I get the feeling that the people who make these decisions have never caught a train or bus in their lives.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 14-Apr-2009 13:17

Just like those those stupid "AdsShel" shelters that have a lovely massive illuminated advert and then pretty much nothing else to actully protect the people waiting.

Gaps everywhere and all about style and no actual function.

I hope the vandals smash more of them to bits and we can get the good old enclosed galvanised steel ones again.

I had to move to town as catching the buses resulted in me being ill every other week from getting wet.

It's wellington city council after all, not excaclty known for their honesty and speding public funds wisely (but great on third-world "official bag" rubbish systems, no recycling, Parking ticket issuing)

Comment by Robyn, on 27-Apr-2009 21:51

I travel past the Epuni platform twice daily. This afternoon it was raining so I made sure to take a good look at the plastic shelters to see how they were working.

They weren't.

The seats of both shelters were covered with rain water. Standing under them would only have provided shelter if you'd actually climbed up on top of the seat and hoped that the wind was still.

If these shelters were temporary, I'd understand, but apparently they're permanent.


Comment by Caroline, on 30-Jul-2009 22:05

I also catch the 7:11 ( not that the train is on time very much these days ) and agree with the above comments.

What makes me more upset is the fact this is the train station used to get to our local hospital.

I hate the thought of a disabled or elderly person using Epuni train station to make their way to Hutt Hospital.

I notice the latest article in the Hutt News does not mention the platform was taken apart for suspected asbestos - but due to damage sustained in burglary ( to steal what?) and vandalism.

Everyday I arrive on the platform wondering what surprise shall await me ... a train on time maybe ?

Author's note by psycik, on 30-Jul-2009 22:24

Caroline, I think you catch the same train as me.  As for the burglary.  The old station had copper tubing.  Well worth stealing as it can be sold for scrap.  This disturbed the roof, which they then found asbestos and had to do something about it.  Lack of communication was the problem with this.

Next lot of surprises is the fact that it's going to be shut for 3 months.

Great huh?

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