The ongoing Epuni Train Station saga

, posted: 14-Apr-2009 08:49

So if you look at previous blogs (Train Station) you've seen me blogging about the train station I go to. We've had a train station in various states of disrepair since May 2008 when the roof was removed.  I understand the reasons for it's removal, it was all to do with asbestos discovery and I did have it explained to me why it had taken so long to get a new roof put back on.

About 3 weeks ago a new plastic roof was put on. It wasn't perfect but everyone was relatively protected.  So imagine my surprise when I read that over Easter they intended to demolish the station and put up to temporary 3m shelters.  Later on putting up a 5m shelter

Now I only get on the one train each morning, the 7:11. There are regularly 20 to 25 people waiting for this train.  Where are they going to stand when its raining? 20 people will not fit under these tiny plastic shelters. Do these people have no concept?

The old station was about 12m long with a 3m overhang, that added a nice big roof that was able to accomodate everyone.  These 3m shelters are a joke, and even the 5m one is not going to provide too much shelter in a howling Wellington southerly.

To put it in perspective one side of the old station was about 12m x 3m. These new shelters are 3m x 1m

God help us the first time it rains. 

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