Little Boys and their Sewing Machine Cars

, posted: 27-Dec-2009 11:09

I live on a main street and close to an intersection with a well used street.  What this means is a get a lot of idiots in their sewing machine sounding cars accelerating and decelerating right outside my door.
I must be getting old, I can’t understand why you’d want your car to sound this stupid.  It’s not a rumble like a V8, or growl like a good twin motorbike (Ducati Anyone?), but a whine, especially on the smaller cars, and don’t get me started on the annoying whiny rattle of a Wankel based engine like the old RX7s and RX3s
And why is it these cars are normally driven by idiots that think the rev limiter cutting the engine out  is the sign that they need to change gear?  Hello, this isn’t Gran Turismo here, or Mario Cart.
Many a time I’ve thought “I wonder if I can buy some road spikes off the cops” and lay them out right outside my house. That and thoughts of sitting outside with a high powered rifle.  Or more likely a camera to record the db rating and their license plate number...yeah I like that one, wonder if the cops would accept that....
I don’t understand how these guys get warrants, do they take their noisy mufflers off for warrant time and put them back on when they get home?  And do the cops ticket for excessive noise? I’m assuming by the amount of noisy cars around they don’t or that it’s hard to police.
One final thing, I refuse to call them “boy racers” they’re not, that just glamorises them.  They’re “little boys with sewing machines”.... it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well, but I feel much more accurate.

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