Is there an App for that Scam

, posted: 5-Mar-2010 08:20

I had a thought while riding in this morning about a new potential financial scam.


If you're one of these people with one of those fancy new fangled phones that use apps for everything instead of mobile sites, them how do you know it's not stealing your information and sending it to a third party?


Did you check that app when getting it? Just like domain sitters, that sit on a misspelled versions of a popular site, the same could be done with an app. "Nationa1 Bank app", "A5B Bank app", while they show your all of your financial information faithfully, utilising information pulled from their mobile web sites', the app is, in fact, sending your user name and password to a third party that can then log on and play mischief with your financial details.


Now having not actually ever looked at these apps I assume a safe guard such as never storing login details could be used on the official apps, but again, if it's a non official version (and would Apple's vetting process pick this up?) then the user could blindly add in their login details and then wonder why their bank account is emptying....


Just a thought, you be careful out there....

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Comment by MikeyPI, on 5-Mar-2010 12:44

Most important part of blog..
Quote"Now having not actually ever looked at these apps",  have you even seen one,  does it exists, or is this just some random mumblings without any real factual basis?

As your title sounds like you actually have some information, perhaps you should change it to "Is there an App for that scam?"

Author's note by psycik, on 5-Mar-2010 13:50

@MikeyPI have changed the title.  Since it is ramdom mumblings.

And I've since heard that you have to Ring NBNZ to get their app to work.  Still could be a potential problem though if someone blindly installed some app to deal with their bank.  It all comes down to the vetting process from Apple if it would be let though.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 6-Mar-2010 14:34

Many "jailbroken" apps for iphones have all sorts of stuff slipstreamed in! same goes for "warez" distributed for symbian. Work colleage was wondering why his iphone was doing odd things, I pulled the "cydia" app apart and found what amounts to a trojan. He now only purchases them through iTunes and most are pretty cheap anyway.

Buy the applications or head to trusted mobile sites such as nokia's ovi or access services though url's you know are genuine however I have heard of an official sothink application being pulled as it had malicious code.

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