TVNZ Ondemand App behind UnblockUS Service

, posted: 27-Feb-2013 19:39

Recently TVNZ brought out an Ondemand App for IOS.  Whoohoo!!

Happily I downloaded it and gave it a spin but to my dismay nothing would show up.  

I had a thought though, I use the  service for accessing overseas media services.  A quick change to my iPhone to set the DNS to my ISPs DNS servers confirmed that this was the problem.

The router I use is a TP-Link WR1043ND - but using the firmware (v1.4.7) - in this I have the unblockUS DNS servers which means all traffic is generally sent through them.  They confirmed that TVNZ was not a service they deal wtih and so it was best to not use their DNS servers if trying to access them.

That meant I was up for changing my phones DNS settings everytime I wanted to try using the TVNZ Ondemand app.  

Screw that I thought.

So a bit of googling revealed I should be able to use different DNS servers depending on the client doing the accessing - ok I thought, before stumbling upon being able to use different DNS servers based on the domain trying to be accessed - perfect!!

I'm not entirely sure of the full mechanics of it, but essentially on the router I was able to say, if accessing any domain that contains (the video provider used by TVNZ) then use my Telecom domain servers.

This is done by editing the dnsmasq.conf file in the /etc/ directory of my router.

I went for a pretty broad bruch stroke approach and inserted at the bottom:

# add entries to use telecom DNS servers for domain.

After restarting the router I tried the app and off it went.  

There's a couple of refinements possible, that is defining the servers down to a lower level.  I turned on dnsmap logging:
and this showed the domains being accessed and the name servers being used. 

So your homework dear reader is to try and limit the domains further.  That said, I had a look through BrightCove's customers and the only one I saw was ITV (accessible via UnblockUS) -and it didn't seem to be affected, so I've left mine as it.

Update, based on a commend @bagheera made, I reversed the process, put telecoms DNS servers under my router and used DNSMasq.conf to put all the overseas services to - see the post at

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