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Oh, My, Gosh...

, posted: 13-May-2008 07:45

A contact of mine in the UK recieved this flyer through the door a couple of days ago. He typed it in to his pc, tried to preserve the original spelling. I'm trying to get either a scan or a digital pic of it.

What is the world coming to...?!?

Had this put through the door. I've tried to leave the spelling as it was on the flier, but I may have accidentally corrected a few bits without realising.


There is an estimated 35,000 tones of rubbish abandoned in our homes, garages ,sheds and yards. last year 11480 tones ended up on our streets and ally ways. we appreciate that a lot of people havent got the facilitys to get to there local tip as a result a free it and metal collection service has been organized in conjunction with Deri waste collections for your area on WENSDAY 14 MAY we hope that this gives you enough time to sort out eny thing that you would like to be taken away all you have to do is place eny items mentioned outside your back gate collection will start 9 oclock we will take away any computer equipment ie monitors ,printers,scanners,photocopiers,keyboards ,etc etc basically eny computer equipment you want taking away
We will take away all your unwanted metal ie old cookers,washers,dryers,old bicycles,lawnmowers,basically enything with metal in it will be taken away for you free of charge the only ecception to this is fridges and fridge freezers if you have these items and you would like them removed please call our hotline on 07********* and an alternative collection time will be made if you have eny queries please do not hesitate to call us on the above number this service is free all we ask is that you help us to keep your town tidy thank you for your time we home you tae advantage of this service
please put items out morning of colection only

Comment by freitasm, on 13-May-2008 09:03

It sounds like a scam. It really looks like a company wanting to collect old stuff to recycle themselves or to sell - for a profit (in for nothing, out for a buck).

It doesn't sound official at all...

Comment by TinyTim, on 13-May-2008 11:46


Author's note by davide, on 13-May-2008 14:15

In case it wasn't blindingly obvious, this was about the spelling... :)

Comment by barf, on 13-May-2008 17:08

good on them for recycling enything
the metal in some of the old proliant servers is good quality steel, a shame to dump it really.

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