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Logging feature in applications

, posted: 23-Jan-2009 10:41

In the past 6 months or so I have been working on a suite of applications inherited from somebody who has left the company. One of the issues is the fact that numerous assemblies are shared between quite a number of apps. By assemblies I don't mean the VS projects, but the built assemblies themselves. To complicate matters the source projects have gone ahead and changes have been made without careful recording of how they will affect the various dependencies. As a result we no longer have the source for these DLLs as when they were built as release version, without the debugging files. The whole thing is somewhat messy and makes debugging impossible.

This lead me to the subject matter. Should logging be a mandatory feature in every/most/some apps? If so, should it have multiple levels of detail configurable after deployment?

I'm sure these are basic questions that have been discussed long and hard in the software development world and I can probably google for the topic. Interested in what people have to say though...

SP5 evaluation after 2 weeks

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 19:30

It has been almost 2 weeks since I first started using my SP5. Here are the pros and cons that have struck me the strongest:

1. The darn thing is just so nice and powerful for something so small!
2. Size: having come from using a PDA2K it's so nice not to have to carry a brick
3. It uses a standard USB-to-miniUSB cable, which means no expensive specialised cables.


1. The nipple/joystick thing in the middle is trully a silly design. It is still hard for me to use it rapidly without mistakenly doing something other than what I intended. I still think the Sharp GX15 has the best middle navigation button that I have ever used.
2. Starting an application for the first time is a bit sluggish but it runs okay once started. Unfortunately there is no means of trully shutting down an application when you're done, a la the "File->Quit" menu in Windows application. Exiting into the homescreen just leaves the application running in the background. This is fine for some apps, e.g. the Messaging/Email, Contacts, Phone apps. Other things you'd ideally like to trully shut down when you're done with it. At the moment I achieve this through the Task Manager, which is still a pain. Admittedly I have installed SBSH Facade, which makes it all a bit easier. Still, would be nice to have a proper "File->Quit" type of menu.

Those are just my strongest opinions of the SP5. Even with those gripes I'm still fairly happy with this phone so far.

SBSH Facade weirdness

, posted: 26-May-2006 18:45

I posted on the list asking question about the strange behaviour of my Home Screen which runs Facade. All the background images were displayed incorrectly.

Turned out to be a missing target-height and target-width attributes in the <defaults> element at the beginning. My screen is back to properly filled background in the correct resolution! I'm a much happier camper Smile

Crystal Reports nightmare

, posted: 26-May-2006 16:53

Unfortunately I had to create some reports for a kind of Smart Client app. The report was to be deployed and used on several Tablet PCs. I had this bright idea of using "localhost" as datasource so it can be deployed with no extra configuration. That was the beginning of my nightmare...

The development was on VS.NET 2003, using the Crystal component that came standard with the IDE.

For some bizarre reason the report had no problems logging on to the local DB for local admin user. Anybody else (including domain admin) were rejected! Any attempts to provide even the correct credentials were rejected.

In the end I gave up and contacted Crystal folks to see if they could help. It was one of the most frustrating experience I've ever had with a tech support/helpdesk. Admittedly I have had helpful assistance from them before but this time it felt like chasing my own tail.

At last I found the culprit! Using localhost turned out to be a bad idea!! For yet another bizarre reason CR automatically create the connection to use Integrated Security, even when you specify the UserID/Password and left the Integrated Security option unticked. Any attempts to provide the credentials programatically were thoroughly ignored.

I had to create the report by specifying a server name, and later when it's loaded into the viewer I then changed it to "localhost" and pass in the appropriate credentials. That seemed to have done the trick! So there ya go.... hopefully someone will find this useful before they end up tearing their hair out like I almost did.

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