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SP5 evaluation after 2 weeks

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 19:30

It has been almost 2 weeks since I first started using my SP5. Here are the pros and cons that have struck me the strongest:

1. The darn thing is just so nice and powerful for something so small!
2. Size: having come from using a PDA2K it's so nice not to have to carry a brick
3. It uses a standard USB-to-miniUSB cable, which means no expensive specialised cables.


1. The nipple/joystick thing in the middle is trully a silly design. It is still hard for me to use it rapidly without mistakenly doing something other than what I intended. I still think the Sharp GX15 has the best middle navigation button that I have ever used.
2. Starting an application for the first time is a bit sluggish but it runs okay once started. Unfortunately there is no means of trully shutting down an application when you're done, a la the "File->Quit" menu in Windows application. Exiting into the homescreen just leaves the application running in the background. This is fine for some apps, e.g. the Messaging/Email, Contacts, Phone apps. Other things you'd ideally like to trully shut down when you're done with it. At the moment I achieve this through the Task Manager, which is still a pain. Admittedly I have installed SBSH Facade, which makes it all a bit easier. Still, would be nice to have a proper "File->Quit" type of menu.

Those are just my strongest opinions of the SP5. Even with those gripes I'm still fairly happy with this phone so far.

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