Why I Grabbed None.

, posted: 27-Aug-2013 23:58

Most are probably aware that there are large number of daily deal sites around - grabone, groupon, yazoom, dailydo, livingsocial, treatme to name just a few.

The general expectation one would have when visiting these sites is that they offer a good deal with at least some sort of discount compared to what one would normally get dealing with the merchant directly. 

On Tuesday 27.8.2013   I noticed a deal on Grabone for Fresh Moki delivered from Hawkes Bay Seafoods. I had no idea what type of fish Moki was and with my wife being quite particular about seafood I googled and found that Blue Moki is considered by many to be a good eating fish while Red Moki doesn't have such great reviews.

I thus thought I would check the Hawkes Bay Seafoods website to see what type of Moki they were supplying and I was pleased to find that it appeared to be Blue Moki.

Before I purchased the deal however I noted that the prices at Hawkes Bay Seafoods website (delivered) were less than being advertised at Grabone.

Grabone (delivered) :                          1kg $17      / 2kg $30        / 3kg $43
Hawkes Bay Seafoods (delivered) : 1kg $16.90 / 2kg $28.90  / 3kg $39.90

Thus for 3kg Grabone was approximately 7.2% more expensive.

I thought that this was odd and so with genuine motivatiion posted a genuine question on the Grabone discussion board pointing out the higher Grabone pricing and a link to the Hawkes Bay seafoods page.

Within 30minutes my post was invisible to others - I only noticed this because not having received an email from Grabone I went back to the site and found that it said '0 discussion posts' yet if I was logged in my post still showed - when I logged out it was not visible - thus it had been hidden from other users view.

This annoyed me as I had been genuinely interested in the deal and had asked a genuine question - I called Grabone and the CSR had the cheek to tell me that my discussion post breached their post guidelines. I said that this was a lot of nonsence as in summary these said (1) Read others posts (2) Read T&c deals (3) Dont diss merchant and (4) keep relevance.

The continued unwillingness to actually answer the question and his evasive nonsence about my question having breached their guidelines annoyed me and so I said that unless I received a satisfactory answer I would feel at liberty to post on FB and elsewhere about 'the deal'.

He then put me on hold and when he came back said that my post hadn't been hidden but had been quarantined while they sought answers from the merchant. I said this was fair enough as long as there was a prompt answer but didn't think they, given the nature of the public's expectation that Grabone sold 'deals', should continue to sell the deal at a higher than merchant price if they couldn't provide a satisfactory explanation why,
Some time later Grabone posted on the discussion board "Hawkes Bay Seafoods are selling 1kg of Moki for $16.90, this deal is $17 and includes the convenience of delivery too :-) "

This post by Grabone seemed to me to be misleading as well as it could be read to imply that the Grabone deal was better as it included delivery - as I had pointed out to the CSR the Hawkes Bay Seafoods Website had said in capital letters "THIS PRICE IS FREIGHT INCLUDED".

By not displaying my initial post with their reply Grabone also didn't show the link to the page which showed Grabone were $3.10 or 7.2% more expensive for the 3kg deal.

I called Grabone again and spoke to the same CSR ; they said they would get back to me but no email was forthcoming.

I have kept screenshots of both websites so that they can't argue with any of the above. I note that tonight Hawkes Bay Seafoods is now showing MOKI as out of stock but was certainly available on the screenshots I took earlier today.

I'm sure that many of you have seen technology items advertised on some daily deal sites at significantly higher prices than similar items that are available on ebay, DX etc... -the difference in the above case is that we are talking about the same product shipped from the same supplier rather than a slightly different item which one has to import.

Anyway while the difference wasn't large I think there are principles involved here and the above meant that I Grabbed None - I will have to seriously consider whether I deal with either Grabone or this merchant in the future. It certainly reinforces the fact that one cannot trust that a deal on such a website will actually be a good one.

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