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Spare a Christmas thought to that most loyal member of your team

, posted: 18-Dec-2010 10:53

I wanted to take this time to wish you a relaxing and restful holiday wherever you end up over the break – in the sand, the surf, tramping through the forest, or perhaps just repeating yourself to grandma over salad and ham.

All us humble geeks in the IT industry ask is that you don’t forget about that most loyal member of your team during these festive times. 

You know, the one who always volunteers to work through the Christmas break, slaving over the incoming e-mails and random jobs clients’ demands during those non-stat days? The one who spends summer stuck in the office, gazing absent-mindedly out the window at deserted streets, wishing they were at Piha with the fresh wind blowing in their face instead of in the stifling heat, facing a breakdown of epic proportions upon everyone’s arrival back at work.

That’s right, I'm talking about your humble network server.

With the hopes of a record summer heat wave, good workmates don’t let their servers drink and cook.   So, before you leave for the year, please check with your building staff to ensure the office air conditioning is going to be left on (or at least the air conditioning in the server room, if you have one).  That way, your faithful colleague won’t slowly keel over while you’re away (or worse, go completely postal before shutting down altogether), and you’ll be able to ease back into work by putting your feet up and slowly checking those hundreds of new e-mails without a painful and expensive week long server outage.

Us geeks will, as always, will be standing by for those forgotten passwords and water logged devices indicative of a great summer break upon your return  :-) 

Otherwise, we wish you the very best for the holiday season.  Have a cold one for us, and maybe another for that guy working 24/7 in your office while you bring in the new year.

...And remember to thank grandma for those beautiful new handkerchiefs.

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Comment by muppet, on 18-Dec-2010 13:12

Also remember to pat your routers and caress your switches, without which your humble server would be pretty uninteresting! Merry Christmas!

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