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Make RDP deployments better, reuse old PC's as Thin Client's for free.

, posted: 22-Nov-2013 14:05

One of my biggest frustrations of rolling out Remote Desktop services, which made our rollouts far less cost effective for small business was having to either replace all the PC’s in an office with thin clients, or still having to maintain, patch and support ‘thick’ PC’s with a Remote Desktop icon on the desktop.
If you go down the ‘thick’ PC Remote desktop route, PC’s still need Antivirus, and patching, as well as users still being able to break their PC’s. More work and cost. Not ideal.


Since no one seemed to make a clean, elegant skin for thick PC’s, I wrote a Thin Client skin to turn any existing Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or even a Windows Embedded machine into a Thin Client with a simple interface, with no access to Windows explorer, or the Desktop. This means you don’t need to patch the machines or have antivirus on them (unbind Client for Microsoft Windows from the networking stack) and over the last few years with this approach on hundreds of machines we have not had a single skinned machine have virus or maintenance problems.
Deploy SuperThinClient either as part of a fresh image on the existing PC’s, or install it and set it as the custom shell in the configuration options.
SuperThinClient allows you to add up to four links on the page for RDP or other executables (like Citrix, Calculator etc.), put a banner ad on the page for your helpdesk number, or other details and a simple configuration page that can be both hidden and password protected.

SuperThinClient Settings

For the greater good of the IT community I  am releasing this as donation ware – use it anywhere you want on as many machines as you want, and if you find it useful all I ask is to donate whatever you can to Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) which will use it to send volunteers to developing countries.

More information and download links for here

Comment by CYaBro, on 22-Nov-2013 15:27

Nice, thanks!
But I don't see a download link anywhere. :)

Author's note by exportgoldman, on 22-Nov-2013 15:37

Thanks CYaBro, blonde moment, I have updated the blog with links, the website is - thanks for pointing that out! :-)

Comment by raytaylor, on 26-Nov-2013 23:06

Thats pretty awesome.
I normally get out the old windows 3.11 floppys and have a shell we made like 10 years ago in visual basic. This is waayyy easier.

Comment by raytaylor, on 26-Nov-2013 23:08

Feature suggestion: set the automatic logon to windows using your app

Comment by raytaylor, on 26-Nov-2013 23:10

Feature suggestion: tick box to disable task manager access which flips the registry switch (so user cannot launch explorer or his own programs from run command within task manager)

Author's note by exportgoldman, on 27-Nov-2013 00:11

raytaylor, these are good suggestions. I will put them in the next version :-)

Comment by raytaylor, on 27-Nov-2013 19:12

Wanted to make a donation - link on your website isnt working. Do you accept paypal?

Author's note by exportgoldman, on 27-Nov-2013 19:20

raytaylor - I've been trying to get my website updated but having troubles with my website host and connecting from Bougainville. For now use this link to donate

The website will be updated hopefully soon!

Author's note by exportgoldman, on 27-Nov-2013 19:25


I was having a look at your website and see you do a lot of Rural wireless technologies. Do you use the Ubiquiti technologies? What equipment do you use for backhaul and what's the furtherest you are transmitting on a single hop?

I ask this, because we are looking to roll out a wireless/microwave backhaul for Bougainville for 200 kilometres, and also are deploying a 4 sector POP with Ubiquiti equipment. 

Comment by Markl, on 29-Nov-2013 21:04

Sorry, but I just couldn't get past your apostrophe abuse! You might want to brush up on that one...

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