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Installing Linux is easy...

, posted: 23-Oct-2007 02:58

I found a nice installation walk-through with screenshots for Ubuntu 7.10. No need for me to write my own article on this, if someone else has done a great job already. Smile

The walk through won't hold any surprises for Linux users, but if there is anyone still holding back from Linux, concerned about how Linux is supposedly 'complicated', you might want to check this out. It doesn't get any simpler than this. You might then also want to take a look at my article about easy software installation on Linux...

Notice in the walk-through: Not a single license you have to agree to, with which you'd sign away your rights and freedoms. Ahh! How refreshing...

Another nice thing to keep in mind: After this install is done, you will have a fully operational system, with e-mail client(s), office software packages, graphics and multi-media programs, etc. Contrary to a 'certain other OS', which contains none of that right out of the box, and which would require separate purchase of those items.

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Comment by freitasm, on 23-Oct-2007 07:38

IF by a"certain OS" you refer to Microsoft Windows, then you are wrong. There's an e-mail client in the system (Outlook Express or Windows Mail), a browse, media player.

Author's note by foobar, on 23-Oct-2007 09:44

Yes, but where is the office package? The graphics software? Multi-media software (besides a media player)? Educational software?

Comment by cokemaster, on 23-Oct-2007 14:26

That kinda falls out of scope of an operating system.

Windows does come with windows movie maker, wordpad, paintbrush, image viewer etc.

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 23-Oct-2007 15:20

Do you think Microsoft is responsible for Adobe to price their Adobe Photoshop ?

Do you think Microsoft is responsible for other Multi media softwares to be priced ?

errr...this is......

If you havent noticed Windows Live Suite having Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer - Things are changing with Windows Live a lot.

Author's note by foobar, on 23-Oct-2007 16:10

cokemaster: Yes, I know it's not part of the OS. That's why they normally talk about distributions, rather than just OSs. And the examples you mentioned: Yes, so most Linux distros have all that, plus a ton more. I don't think you can seriously argue that the amount of software available to you after a Windows install comes anywhere close to the amount of software you will have available after a Linux install.

chakkaradeep: You said:

Do you think Microsoft is responsible for Adobe to price their Adobe Photoshop ?
Do you think Microsoft is responsible for other Multi media softwares to be priced ?

No, of course not. Did I say that anywhere? Read again what I wrote. All I said is that you don't have any of that, or anything comparable, installed and ready to use after you're done with a Windows install. Instead, you will have to purchase it and install, or at least find the open source equivalent for it and install that. That's all I said, right?

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 23-Oct-2007 16:13

Contrary to a 'certain other OS', which contains none of that right out of the box, and which would require separate purchase of those items.

Please understand that that 'certain other OS' has never bundled any of those and thats the reason I asked. And people know that already ! So, actually complaining that 'certain other OS' is not providing doesnt match here

Author's note by foobar, on 23-Oct-2007 16:35

chakkaradeep: But... but... I'm not complaining about anything! Look at my original posting? See the smiley face? See the line starting with 'Another nice thing...'? Does any of this sound like complaining to you?

No, see, all I did was state something. And, as you pointed out, I stated the obvious: Windows doesn't come bundled with those various other pieces of software, you need to get and install them separately. We all know that. But because 'all' may not know that the same is not true for Linix, I thought it might be nice to point that out here.

Read my original posting again, and it will all become clear to you.

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 23-Oct-2007 16:51

There are various many other factors that a certain Operating System is suitable for working than the Softwares that come bundled by default.

I am also a Linux User and I do know its merits and demerits. Today, one cannot shift to Linux as easily as you could tell. The offerings in Linux is still less. The apps are not that powerful - example? the GIMP's interface - cluttered window - do you think its winning the UI competition with other priced ones like Photoshop ? Do you think GIMP is so simple for anyone to use ? If you compare the options avaialble in GIMP and Adbobe Photoshop (eliminating the basic features) , there are lots and lots stuff in Adobe. People pay because they find something good and useful from it. I cant use GIMP simply because its open source and free , it doesnt make sense.

Let me ask you few things --

1) Do you think Microsoft Windows is not usable at all without these additional softwares that come bundled by default with Linux distributions ?

2) Do you think Linux is great because it makes avaialble all the applications for free without any cost ? (which is easy for users and difficult for developers!!!)

When it comes to Business, its hard to be Open Source and it can never happen. If I develop a product, I may seriously think whether to release the source code or not for various reasons. Thats going to be my bread and butter. Is Sun's Star Office free ? Sure, Star Office has its own features that separates it from Open Office. How many people said that use Star Office ?

Author's note by foobar, on 23-Oct-2007 17:26

chakkaradeep: Photoshop is a powerful example. It is one of the most often cited reasons why people stick with Windows. It's a good product, and something that people have gotten used to. It's one of those Windows 'killer apps'. The GIMP is not bad, I use it all the time (I'm not a graphics artist, so I obviously only just scratch at its surface), but I also have heard of the cluttered interface issue with it. If Adobe would bother to provide a Linux version of Photoshop, it would definitely go a long way.

About the questions you ask:

1) Of course it is usable, just not for very much, isn't it? I mean, sure you can write stuff with Notepad. And you can browse the web. Hm. If that's all you are doing, why did you pay for the Windows license? You could just as well use Linux, because the fact that some other apps aren't there are obviouslt not a concern for you. :-)

2) Of course Linux is great because it makes all of these apps available for free. You know, most of these apps also run on Windows, and the PC manufacturers could conceivably do their users a favour and bundle many of those with the PCs, even if the customer orders it with Windows pre-installed. But I don't think MS would be too happy about that, because then users would learn that they have a choice! Also, once you almost exclusively open source apps, you realise that you actually don't depend on MS for anything, and that you don't need Windows anymore. That's how it went for me. Once that was clear, I just switched to Linux and that was the end of the story for Windows in my case. So, MS will make sure that the PC manufacturers will not bundle those free options, Linux or Windows, either way.

You said: When it comes to Business, its hard to be Open Source and it can never happen.

Well, I couldn't disagree with you more. I am currently working for an open source company. They are writing me a paycheck, you know? And there are plenty of open source companies that make good business. Why do you think they have open source business conferences. So, sorry to say so, but I really have to disagree with you on that one.

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