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Ubuntu 8.04 is out!

, posted: 25-Apr-2008 05:38

After the usual long beta phase, today was the official release for Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). This is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, so enterprise customers can use it with confidence. Some coverage here and here.

Besides the many overall improvements, one of the more interesting new features is WUBI, the Windows-based Ubuntu Installer. This allows you to install Ubuntu on your Windows machine just like another application. You don't need to change the partitioning of your hard drive. After install, you can dual-boot either into Windows or Ubuntu, just as if you had partitioned the hard drive. But if one day you'd like to remove it again, you can do that simply with Windows add/remove program.

Most of the features of a full installation should work when you use WUBI (I've heard that hibernation does not work, though). The advantage compared to just running from LiveCD is that you can actually modify the system (install new applications, for example) and in general work with it normally.

WUBI should greatly help any Windows users that want to give a full-featured Ubuntu a try for a while, without risking any upsets to their hard drive partitioning or system in general.

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Comment by Mike Riversdale, on 25-Apr-2008 14:21

And the best bet for me, an Ubuntu user, is that it only took 4 clicks to upgrade the whole shooting match - totally awesome and free of geekery loved it.

Comment by allstarnz, on 25-Apr-2008 23:55

wow, that's a cool feature, even better than a live CD

Comment by Simon Bridge, on 27-Apr-2008 22:34

You can add, as an update to you previous post about the Acer 4315, that Hardy (as a fresh install) fixes almost all issues with that machine.


Fixed (previously broken) out of the box:

- filesystem journal

- swap space

- microphone

- suspend to disk (hibernate)

- soft restart

- compiz/fusion

- updates

Enabled post-install

* buttons (wifi, e, euro, dollar)

* multimedia


* wireless

Outanding issues are:

- Connexant modem driver renders the machine unbootable!

- suspend to RAM (sleep) reboots on wakeup.

Acer NZ have shown an interest in working with the NZ FOSS community to improve their product.

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