milkman, sounds like you're right - just thought I'd comment on the claim that CDMA is technically suprior to GSM. As most probably know(?) the GSM assosication is pulling the GSM brand away from the TDMA GSM core infrastructure technology, and moving it to be a "standard" deployed over various air interfaces, such as the EDGE platform and the 3GSM wideband CDMA system.

If you mean that the actual CDMA technology is superior to TDMA, yes, it is. I studied it in my first year of uni, and it's very impressive stuff, but CDMA 1X and other widely used implementations of CDMA have been very fragmented and sluggish to take off and will ultimately fail on a global level to reach the ubiquity of GSM-based networks. I think the future for the adoption of CDMA technology is in 3GSM-based networks and the UMTS standard.

As for data capacity, TDMA will always have limited timeslots for data transmission, and so probably can't handle anything like the services that we are about to see. Vodafone rolling out 3GSM for 3rd Q this year is a very sensible move for them so there isn't a lag in support for services they will probably be bringing out not too far away. 3GSM has substantial data services which will definitely rival CMDA1X, and it will be interesting to see where Telecom takes their technology, just hope it doesn't get any more obscure as they cling on to this mobile technology rocket.

Anyway it all comes down to I'm paying too much for too little, and that sucks.