I have a Nokia 6225, which i think is an excellent phone, great coverage, voice qulaity and easy to use. I have installed the Nokia PC Sync software via the link from the Telecom website. I have managed to conect to the phone via my IR link on my laptop. I can sync with outlook OK, update my contacts, calendar, etc and load the phone editor, but none of the other Nokia applications seem to work properly (application, image, sound, browser). I can load the programs but I cannot load any of the content ono the phone. Can anyonne provide an help?

I have tried reinstalling the program, but no luck.

I have loaded Oxygen Phone manager II trail and that allows me to read the images etc off the phne and load java games, ringtones and appliications (but no images/logos, but I think this is becuase it is a trial version).

I have read through the thread regarding this issue on the 6585 and the only thing I can think of is that it make have something to do with the com port my IR is using?? a long shot.

Any help would be appreciated.