Hi everyone
Not sure if this is the best topic to post this in, so admin please move if there is a better one

Im looking for some advice / help and while I know there are better forums online for help, i found this community to be more polite then some (as ill explain soon)

Im helping setup a charity fundraiser event where we livestream for 24+ hours straight.
When I have run it before, we managed to get some good gear sponsored from a production company, 
But now im wanting to make my own stream kit so we dont have to rely on sponsorship for the event.

The event is a small one, and the team i work with are all  100% volunteers, and while we dont raise much, everything wee do get goes straight to whoever we are supporting for the event.
This means that nearly all the costings for these events comes out of pocket (often the charity lets us take a little off the top to help with things like venue rentals and such)

However, this stream kit im wanting to make will be fully funded by me, as Ill plan to use it for other things as well, not just these events.
so because of this, I dont have a few thousand to throw around buying good gear.

My plan, is to rather than buy cameras and capture equipment / vision mixers etc
is to get some cheap RTSP security cameras and use those going into OBS to then mix other feeds and reboardcast
I have tested with my own home security cameras and the concept works, however this is where I need some advice, and why I came to this forum.

Im looking at getting between 4-7 cameras (depending on budget) so I can't afford to spend $500-1000 per camera.
I had a look on ebay and ali express and found cheap cameras for $50 or PTZ cameras for $150
(PTZ would be nice as it gives a little more control)


I would ask this question on the security camera forum im a part of, but the moment you mention cheap cameras they call you all sorts of names and sometimes even ban you from the forums
(I have seen a member asking about a cheap camera they found online, as they wanted something cheap for their home to just keep an eye on their dogs during the day, and they forum mod said something along the lines of, "if you buy cheap then dont come crying to us when it breaks"
Although with more explicit language and in a more threatening tone.
I jumped on and said I use the same camera at home and hae had 0 problems for the past 4 years. then I got a ban warning from the mod saying we dont advertise cheap cameras online)

Anyway that aside.
I know the cheap cameras wont work as long as expensive ones, but im only using them for a few hours a week at most, sometimes only a few hours a month
so its not like they are on 24/7

I also know that the quality coming out wont be bluray levels, however since we are re-streaming it online im not too fussed about it

The only concerns i have is that 
A) I get a camera that is "technically 1080" but looks bad (high compression)
B) There is significant delay between live and received on stream (I know there will be some delay, just so long as its the same per camera, doesn't fluctuate, and isnt a few seconds delayed)

Im just looking for some advice on my plan.
or any input of things I may not have thought about