Hi all.


Part of my job role for the last nearly two years has been to manage our company Facebook pages (3 in total). 


They aren't the most active pages, but they do get messages and posts that sometimes get missed. 
These get missed because I get absolutely no notifications what so ever, unless I manually go to each page and check constantly throughout the day.


We use the Facebook Business Manager tool, and in the settings I have everything turned on for notifications but still I get nothing. 
Is there a way to get emails or notifications on my phone for every post, message, comment etc on these pages? I'm not an Admin in the business manager, but I have full control on these pages. I was an admin on the pages before we used the business manager tool but there's been no changes noticeable since the switch.


Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get notifications for the pages, or maybe something I've missed? I have the Pages app on my iPhone which doesn't get any notifications at all now, I had seen some in the past.