I live in NZ (Born in NZ) and I wanted to try out affiliate marketing or similar as a business.


I have a Clydesdale bank account in the UK which I just found out I can transfer small amounts into it from my NZ Westpac account with a debit card using western union at a cost of $4 per transfer. No charge at the other end. It works great. I also have a paypal account.


Now I'm thinking I could set up a .co.uk website for affiliate marketing and transact into my paypal account or Clydesdale bank which I have a debit card for and I can move money to and from the UK with Western Union or paypal.


I could set up social media profiles and emails that are based in the UK even while I still live here in NZ.


Has anyone done that. Does it work ok. What are people's experiences.


While I do have dual citizenship with the UK I do not have an IRD number in the UK because I have never worked there.


So I would be paying tax to the NZ IRD if the business was profitable.


Thanks in advance for any ideas.