I purchased a Samsung BD-H6500 blu-ray player last year. It includes a Samsung SmartHub, which can be configured to a different SmartHub country, such as UK or USA.
I have mine configured to UK, which works nicely, but there is a problem with the screensaver activating after 5 minutes of video play on the BBC iPlayer  app, BBC Sport app and BBC News app. This problem first appeared after updating the firmware to version 1106. One can avoid this screensaver issue by launching the iPlayer from the initial start screen view, but any BBC app launched from within the 'Samsung Apps' menu will initiate the screensaver after 5 minutes of video play. Rather annoying.

There is now a new firmware available, version 1108.2. I am wondering if anybody can confirm if this new firmware has fixed the screensaver bug. If you have already upgraded and have no problem with all the BBC apps, please let me know.

Last time I upgraded the firmware, I got this bug with it, so now I am a bit wary about upgrading, but if someone has already upgraded and can confirm that the screensaver is fixed and there are no new bugs, then that would be very good to hear.

Many thanks,