DaveB: And if watching it live through ITV streaming is not good enough, there may be THIS

Sky to offer day and week passes to Sky Sports

I'd definitely pay $20 a week for sports during big tournaments, provided the stream was decent quality and there was an option for replays and such. This the sort of model I think Sky should be looking to expand on.

Thats ~ $80 a month pretty close to basic+sports I'd definitely pay that for the world cup and proably a few other games during the year

Thanks to collisum for forcing them to change, My personal hope is sky loses one of its big sports like the NRL (come on lightbox sport think big ;) ) which will force it to change faster

You may end up paying the Sky $20 a week during a tournament, $15 per this or that for other sports if it gets too fragmented
Sky would be better off to drop the pricing to a level, where "you knwo what, its not worth canning Sky, may as well keep it"