Hi guys I have my first Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3mp cube PIR camera, with another and a dome IR on its way.

I don't think the settings need to be specific to the camera above but just in general what you use.

Could you please help with posting your Camera settings? My situ is a living room that is lighted LED at night and then goes into darkness when the LEDs/ Lights go off.

Was hoping to take the short path. I've spent time mucking with the parameters, reading their descriptions but still not sure whether I've got optimal settings.

I've also read the networkcameracritic review etc.

I'm an IT guy so this should be well within my capabilities, remote access, etc all working but there's more parameters than I expected I confess :-)

At the moment I Have

Switch Day Night = auto
Image Adjustment = all 50
exp settings = manual 1/25 gain 50
day night switch = auto sensitivity 4 filtering time 5 Smart IR = on
Backlight settings = blc off wdr off
white balance = awb1
image enhancement = digital noise reduction = on
noise reduction level = 100

Stream type = main tream
Video type = video and audio
Resolution = 1920x 1080p
bitrate type = variable
video quality = highest
frame rate = 15
max bitrate = 4096
video encoding = h264
profile = main profile
I frame interval = 50
svc = on

Also unfortunately in enabling the VIDEO TAMPER functionality which I've confirmed works with an email when I place a pillow over the camera view BUT I notice that it also emails when the night lights in a room turn off and presumably before the IR light comes on.

Which to the Video Tamper software probably looks like someones put a pillow in front of the lens (but really the lights gone out).

Bit irritating.

Thanks for any help guys!!!