Dingbatt: Real leather, or Vegan leather (vinyl)?
50K+ km in two years is on the high side of average, but certainly not excessive. What is the Make and Model? I would be approaching the dealer, and probably the manufacturer because it would appear to fail the ‘durability’ test ...

They just call it leather. I know some manufacturers have "sportec" and the like, which I guess is vinyl. I've had numerous cars with that and didn't see wear issues.

As for >50k in 2 years, if one is familiar with the drive from Rolleston to Oamaru, it's virtually a straight-line run... Those km are almost totally open road, I could imagine someone commercial using entirely within town could cause wear issues.

It's a Suzuki Swift, the new model, and that's a new steering wheel compared to previous model.

Haven't approached the dealer yet as it's a 3 hour return trip.