Another deal for the Geeks,

This was originally posted by the store rep on OzBargain, and is also available to Kiwis.

Obviously timed to coincide with the local launch of Netflix.


"The promo code is - moarnetflix


uFlix allows users to expand their Netflix content library by switching Netflix regions. Different Netflix regions provide different content to their customers. By switching regions users can access content that is not available in their region (For example, New Zealand). Using uFlix users are quickly able to change their Netflix regions and access more Netflix content with the click of a button.


uFlix is a smartDNS provider, not a VPN. Because of this, your streaming speed is unaffected. New regions are added frequently and uFlix will be supporting HBO streaming when it is available as a stand-alone service.


Using the promo code, you will be able to sign up to their 12 month access plan $12 AUD (~$12.37 NZD)


Promo ends 25/03/2015 @ Midnight.


Note from rep:



At this point in time we are going to focus on adding more regions to Netflix. If New Zealand is next in line to get added as a region, then we will most likely also add another DNS server in New Zealand.


For now though, the Australian DNS servers should be okay (although, not ideal).



So check out their 14 day trial and see if the service work well for you."

Thanks again to neil for the deal post.