I think one of my hdds just expired. Windows completely ignores its existence. If I buy a replacement does anyone know if these Seagate disks are SMR or CMR ? do they swap over as you get to the bigger ones ? I found a table but it doesn't actually mention Exos.


Also, does CrystalDiskInfo do anything with faulty hdds ? will it find a drive that Windows doesn't in your (possible) experience ?



These 16TB ones are PMR/CMR. The Exos are enterprise grade drives so won't be SMR


Page 5 of the Exos manual says the recording method is Perpendicular, i.e PMR,SMR%3A%20Shingled%20Magnetic%20Recording&text=These%20drives%20are%20great%20for,regularity%2C%20stick%20with%20PMR%20drives.



Thanks for the info. So far, have acquired a couple of 12TB WD external drives to shuck (well, maybe by the end of the year...)