throbb: Have both the 600 and the 500. So easy to setup and and take down, I had a 7 year old setup most of it in under 15min. Taking down is almost as quick.
Found them extremely stable in windy conditions, more so than a typical dome tent with poles. These stay up even if you dont use the guy ropes, I ended up only using 4 of the 12 or so and had no issues.

Also like that they are well ventilated, internal rooms configurable and plenty of entrances.

Great to hear from someone who owns the Torpedo 7 models, so thanks for the reply. Good to hear they're working well for you, which assuages many of my fears.

That said, I'm still thinking of the relative waterproofing - 3,000 mm for the T7 vs 10,000 mm for the Zempire ripstop inflatables; @throb: how have you found your tents in this regard?

We're likely to be using it only in summer (and only sparingly at that) , so perhaps I'm worrying too much about an uncommon occurrence; given I can save a decent amount, and given the expected use, I'm thinking the T7 will probably be adequate for our purposes... unless I can find a Zempire at a good discount that is!

I've only had one night of rain while camping and there were no leeks. One big down pour and light drizzle through the night.
Not an expert on the waterproof rating but pretty sure 3000mm is more than enough for most conditions, I think the tent would be floating away of there was enough rain to penetrate.