Hi All

so i acquired this unit some time back as a replacement to a previous model, and would like to know from anyone on here if you can answer the three questions below
Hopefully i can explain this clearly :), to help i will explain my current setup

Current Setup


  1. Panasonic Plasma Viera TV ( 2012 model ) connected into HDMI out of the home theatre
  2. PS3 connected to the HDMI in 1 in the home theatre
  3. Western Digial Media Player connected into HDMI in 2 in the home theatre

First Scenario


  1. On my previous unit ( cant remember the model but was the predecessor to this unit ) i could actively switch between the two hdmi inputs to display content from either the PS3 or the WD Player, the "neat" feature i found with the previous model was that the unit would seem to remember the last device i had used, what this meant was there was some sort of auto routing on the HDMI ports that allowed me to simply turn the home theatre unit off ad if i wanted i could just have the tv on and when i selected the channel that would be for the home theatre the media player would be routed automatically, like wise if i used the ps3 last this input would be on, remembering the home theatre is OFF whist i could do this,,,,,,, any ideas how i go about doing this again on this unit ?

Second Scenario


  1. With my WD player i have a external HDD connected that i have movies, mp3's on, typically i would like to play the mp3's using the theatre speakers, this works fine at the moment, the only issue is, as soon as i turn off the tv, the music / audio stops, the home theatre it appears stays on so it is something to do with the way the sound is routed, any ideas, is there a config change i can make, there is a digital out on the wd player, do i just make a direct connection through to the theatre system maybe ( unsure if that would work )

Third Scenario


  1. No so major, but is there a way of customising the labels for the ext1 ext2 etc on the theatre menu, i can do it on the tv but not seeing anything on the theatre

Thanks for any help given