I've been using DVB-T capture for years (Pretty much since Freeview launch) and its going great guns. I've also been using an analogue card and IR Blaster to record Sky but of course the quality is rubbish between the Composite output and re-encoding.

I didn't realise my decoder did component out on the Scart port until recently so hooked it up to the TV and the picture is much better so I got excited and did some digging and settled on a Hauppauge Colossus card which I ordered from a supplier (Not yet picked up - Ordered today, sunday to pickup tomorrow) but then found out they don't work with Windows 8 yet and maybe not ever.

Has ANYONE managed to capture Component video from a set top box with Media Center on Windows 8 - If not I might have to blow it all away and put Win 7 back on but that'll be a nightmare as I'll lose all of our series recording settings, all of my EPG setup and Channel logos etc and it usually takes my a good 5 or 6 hours to install windows and get most of this back. I also have to monitor the guide to get all of the scheduled series recordings back and then go into every one of them to change the length of the recording (I have 5 tuners and don't want it stopping a recording too soon to reuse the tuner so I miss the last minute of a program running over).

I've only recently actually got the system all running like a dream, its sitting in a server cabinet in the garage with the decoder, the IR Blaster is working sooooo much better in a darkened cupboard as in the lounge it would often drop IR codes and record the wrong channel from the set top box.

If I can't get this to go I might just get a component over CAT5 sender and run that out to the lounge to the TV so at least I can watch things live on Sky as recordings of rugby games crap to watch when recorded via composite - They tend to be pretty crap anyway on Sky with lots of compression artefacts, you'd think they'd use a higher bit rate for sport but I guess they want me to upgrade to MySky HDI which I won't do - I already begrudge paying what I do for Sky when literally ALL I WATCH is Rugby matches and only one a week - The Canterbury and All Black matches exclusively. My kids watch a bit of Nick and Cartoon Network but they'd live without that.