Im thinking about sticking Kodi on the mac mini I have sitting here to replace my Intel NUC (which runs fantastic btw).  Im running LibreElec / Windows 10 on the NUC - realistically I only use Libreelec though on the computer. 


I know you *can* install libreelec (or openelec) on the mac mini but ideally I would want to be able to dual boot (not a biggie if I cant).  Has anyone had any experience with any of the *elec packages on a mac mini? Are they just as good as they are on the NUC?  Mainly I need something that can handle h265 better than the NUC I have - the mac mini is much higher spec than it so I cant see that being an issue.


The other option is sell the thing and get myself a new NUC which I might end up doing.  Just a waste of a computer :)  Or my other other option is I have an i7 laptop here with a broken screen and missing DVD drive that I was thinking of transplanting into a custom case.  Just havent gotten around to it cause Im lazy :p