This is further to my earlier post about Windows 7 and my GBPVR problems.

Spent most of today doing some forensics and have uncovered that the "true" problem I have is that capture device #2 on my HVR-2200 is not able to correctly tune analogue channels, especially Sky (from the STB on channel 230) and Prime (channel 316).  It starts getting increasingly "fuzzy" after TV1 (channel 7) but is watchable until Sky/Prime.

I do not believe in coincidence, so I have to believe that something occurred during the install of W7 to do this because before that I was happy as Larry (how is Larry BTW) with all my channels on both tuners.

What I don't know is whether this is a hardware or firmware issue, how do I test it?

I'm not steeped in HTPC technology so I've got it rigged for now to only process Sky/Prime on tuner #1.  But that limits my ability to watch/record Sky/Prime concurrently.

Anyone seen anything like this before?