Just a note about my new amp and HDMI switching. I have just recently got a Denon 3310 surround amp. Which BTW apart from this minor niggle is fantastic and worth every penny. It has five switching HDMI inputs that can be used to decode the audio in the amp then pass the HDMI on to the TV to view. The idea was to only have HDMI cables from PC, playstation, bluray player and dvd player.

However I started having major issues with my Win7 MediaCenter PC. It would appear that the MediaCenter does not like you switching away to other HDMI inputs (eg playstation) for any length of time. When you return the display blanks out. Usually requiring a shutdown or standby and back cycle to recover it. There are no screen savers, power saving modes etc set. I am sure it's some thing to do with HDCP and the PC not having access to the TV's HDMI compliant HDCP port for any extended time.

The solution was simply to feed the PC into the second HDMI i/p of the TV (denon amp for other sources still into 1st IP) and feed coax audio to the amp seperately. It now runs perfectly. I don't care about high res audio on the PC as it doesn't have a bluray player or other hi res audio source, so coax is fine.