My Sub woofer appeared to be not working so two mates have played with it, now its all messed up. So, I am wondering if I can sort this myself by learning, or whether to just pay an expert to pop in and do it properly.

I will summarise key points, and keen to hear any comments 


- Audio went from TV to HT. So everything worked well on TV, DVD recorder. MySky, WDTV, just set to the the required HDMI od AV to use.

- If we wanted HT audio, we tunrned HT on, set HT to TV/SAT   or DVD. I belive the audio came form TV to  do this, using perhaps Monitor Out?

I noticed this wasn't working, so checked cable, it is connected, and if i removed it I get a buzz. But while I can feel the speaker vibrating I cannot get any real effect. Its like its permanently on super low. It used to thump.


- TV, MySky and DND recorder are connected to HT, and one HDMI to TV, so I have to have HT on, and the TV set to that HDMI channel.

-To get the OSD for the menu ad iPod, there is a AV1 connection to TV via RCA cable.

- The MCACC auto microphone setup works as does the sub

-I did have zero audio until I saw that I have to tell the HT was cable is used for TV and DVD recorder, i.e. opitcal, coax, component, hdmi.

- I also feel that the various sound effects such as Surround, Stereo, etc seem to have no effect.

In conclusion it appears that this is a settings issue now, is there any way to reset it back to defaults and I can start over using the manual? The previous "flashing lights" stereos I had , everything just worked but it seems that HT setup is very settings dependent in that if I get it wrong I lose some functionalty?

Or does anyone know an expert in ChCh that I can pay to sort this?   Then I can lean by studying the setup to see how it all fits together audio/video wise?

TV is Panansonic Plasma Full HD, No Freeview, top end model of about 3 years ago   2 rear HDMI one front
DVD Recorder is Panansonic 1080P of a few years ago
My Sky is MySkyHDi