Due to commercial reasons I can't give too much away; however...

I'm trying to track down (to buy) a rugged Win CE device for development of a business application. I have the following requirements:
  • Rugged, and able to be easily bracket mounted in a vehicle
  • Good sized screen (at least 7"?)
  • Preferably at least VGA resolution
  • Preferably have a touchscreen, but a separate keypad would be acceptable
  • Good SDK and documentation
  • A power management API, for screen dimming, standby, etc
  • Onboard wired ethernet (e.g. via RJ45)
  • Serial and/or USB connectivity
  • Low power draw
  • Preferably have an internal battery for handling momentary power loss
  • Run off 12V vehicle power supply (with or without regulator/limiter)
One of the driving factors is cost, hence why I'm asking here.
Otherwise I would have just bought a gold-plated solution already. We are looking at large quantity orders of the device which meets our needs, so I need to get it right.

I've been hearing bluff and bull lately from uninformed people (mostly sales types) about CE devices, so anyone who can recommend a good platform from a technical/real-world standpoint would be greatly welcomed.