Monza: After 3 visits by Chorus the culprit was found, the faceplate the first Chorus guy put on was the issue. Now getting 21 down and still 10 up, which is quite an improvement over ADSL.

One question though, now that it's taken two weeks for my issue to be sorted do I need to get Telecom to reset the dynamic line management side of things?

when its worked out, it was an installation fault, generally the installing tech needs to come back out and fix it, since they "know what they did wrong" - they never actually seem to know, and leaves the customer waiting for a longer time.. flawed system if you ask me.

question also needs to be asked, why did it take 3 techs, to what sounds like a simple retermination of the jackpoint..

ild get telecom to request your DLM to be reset considering your line fault has now been fixed, to have a fair go at a better profile, within a shorter space of time - DLM will still move profiles, but at a rate more around once a week or so..