I am trying to get an Aircard 580 to work on an HP nc2400 laptop.

I keep getting "Not In Service" when trying to connect to the Telecom NZ network.

If I put the same Aircard into another laptop sitting right beside the nc2400, it works fine!

According to the Sierra Wireless website, laptop software or driver incompatibility can cause this.

I have re-installed the OS from scratch 3 times (twice with the HP recovery DVDs, and once with an MS Win XP volume license cd), with different tactics to try and get this card to work on this laptop, but with no joy.

Before I start taking the issue up with HP, I wanted to see if any other HP nc2400 owners out there are having a problem, or indeed, no problem at all?

The Aircard versions are:

Software version:
Driver version:
PRL Version 6007
Hardware version: P8.0
Firmware version: p12079a0
Bootloader Version 0D

I have tried other working Aircards in this laptop, and they also have the same problem, so the issue is almost certainly caused by the laptop itself, but I'm raising the issue here in case anyone has any suggestions or relevant information.