Hi, I'm hoping someone who reads this Forum from Vodafone could please take care of this.

I'm blind, and use screen reading software on my Symbian phone to access the Web when I'm out and about. There is also similar software for Windows Mobile. Vodafone have in fact entered into a very welcome partnership with the Foundation of the Blind that has made this technology more affordable for more people, and that's much appreciated by many.

When the new Vodafone Live site came online a few weeks back, I noticed that some of the links on the Home Page didn't contain Alt text. when this happens, a screen reader will typically read the last part of the graphical URL to try and be helpful. So if the link is a JPG file for example, it'll read it's name. Sometimes that's of help, sometimes it isn't.

I didn't raise this issue at the time because it seemed to me that all the functions of the links without Alt text were available elsewhere.

However, upon trying to enthuse someone about the benefits of Internet on a mobile, we went to the new Vodafone Live page containing links to sites that are free to browse. Most of these links are graphics with no Alt text. The graphics are labelled things like Vodafone1, Vodafone2 etc, which gives a screen reader user no means of determining what the link will do.

If the Web Team could please make sure that all links have text associated with them, this would really be appreciated. I know that few people do this, but it will also help those users who choose to have images turned off in order to gain greater browsing speed.

Thanks so much in advance.