[Not certain if this should be under NZ Broadband rather than in the Vodafone forum?  More a Chorus issue than Vodafone specific?]






Checked our (Vodafone) VDSL performance yesterday for the first time in about 6 months and was surprised to find that our upload speed has almost halved relative to the rate we had been getting since switching to VDSL in May 2017.   DL speed also lower, though proportionately by a smaller amount.


Table below illustrates this.





Plot of Rate Up vs Power UP below highlights the severity of the performance degrade





A few notes: 


1. Much lower UP speed yet


  • Power UP quite a bit higher than previously
  • SNR UP within range of previous values
  • Attenuation UP much lower than any previous value (8.3 vs over 50 previously)

2. Connection details


  • Switched back to HG659 modem in July 2018 because landline changed to VOIP.  No obvious difference in performance at the time the modem was switched
  • Modem directly connected to incoming line via a single Cat6 cable
  • DSLAM is (or was) unfortunately IKANOS (despite being rural). Have not found where to get that info from the HG659 but most likely still are on IKANOS

3. Historically we had been getting much better UP performance with 8b profile but for some time have not been able to force 8b.  Seem stuck with 17a




Any suggestions welcome.