I have just signed up to the Orcon Genius plan and have received a BoB Lite VOIP router in the mail. I am still waiting for the switch over to happen for the VOIP on Orcon's End. I am currently using a Siemens Gigaset SX763 (NON ORCON BRANDED) at the moment. I was hoping to keep this router which also has VOIP capability. Is it possible to use this router with the Orcon Genius plan? Am I able to enter the settings manually into this router to enable me to use it with Orcon Genius? I know that Orcon do supply these Siemens routers (with custom firmware) for business customers for use with VOIP so it must be supported to some degree by Orcon in terms of optimal settings etc?

I would appreciate anyones input into whether or not this is possible?