Has anyone had their italk calls apparantly go to the wrong place?

I had a mate try calling me twice today, and end up getting someone with a thick accent that didn't really understand the English. He thought they were russian or something.

Now, I would think that yeah, I could have made a mistake with the forwarding to mobile that I have on when I am out, but since I type it in xlite, it would in theory show as the last dialed number, which was right, so I am thinking something else is up. I thought of looking on visibill for the calls I made in case the forwarded one shows there, but after their site redesign my saved password isnt working to get into the account page, and I called up only to get hung up on at exactly 10pm... One call I could think was a stuff up, but 2... hmmmm...

So anyway, has anyone had this happen in the past?